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Newsletter: January '23 & 2022 Recap

We are thrilled to share our first newsletter with you, where we will be recapping the highlights of 2022 and January 2023 for dert.

We have made significant progress in revolutionizing the field of psychology and technology through our cutting-edge solutions using deep learning. Our mission to break new ground in this field and change the way we understand and interact with human behavior is well underway.

Quick Recap of 2022

We made significant strides in developing new technology and expanding our team. We also had the opportunity to validate our work at various projects and events, showcasing the potential of our solutions to experts in the field. We had an unbelievable year with a lot of progress; it's hard to imagine that it was just an idea in our minds this time last year. Check below to learn more about it :)

Q1: Foundation

  • Ideation

  • Team Building

  • Psychology & NLP Researches

Q2: Prototyping

  • Tech Infrastructure

  • Deep Learning Engine

  • Ekman Emotion Analysis

Q3: Improvement & Incorporation

  • Company Establishment

  • Business Identity

  • Model Accuracy Enhancement & Optimization

  • Containerization

Q4: Networking & Productization

  • Use Case Generation & Validation

  • AlaaS Business Model

  • Cross-Lingual Model

  • Named Entity Recognition