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Established in 2022, "dert." (Data-Enabled Research & Technologies) , is a technology company that creates products and solutions in a cross-disciplinary environment connecting psychology and data science.

Its multifaceted goal is to enhance and offer access to psychological services through the clever use of technology, while also assisting businesses in better understanding the needs and feelings of their customers and employees.


dert.engine is a custom-built AI solution that classifies and provides insights into people's feelings and ideas from their textual, visual, or audio digital footprint in bulk.

It is built to be embedded and modified on the spot, depending on client needs.

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The sound analysis module that discovers human emotion based on speech tone, articulation and vocal gestures.

Coming Soon

The computer vision module that analyzes human gestures, movements, and facial expressions to generate knowledge and insights about human mental states and behaviors.

The text analysis module that analyses the emotional context of a given text and classifies the dominant emotions, discovers associations of objects,entities and topics to those emotions and provides embedded reporting.

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